Career / Message From Human Resource Manager

Our current performance is a result of the professionalism and motivation of our employees and is the guarantee of our future success.  

We work with dynamic people with a high level of education and entrepreneurship skill, open to innovation and change, having the potential to improve themselves and their work, raising employees, capable of team work and adopting and embracing company values.  

In human resources management, we respond to the specific needs of different sectors that we are in; we develop policies and implementations to support the goals and performance.  

Working at Erciyas Group companies means to have the following working environment:

Education and development opportunities are provided, 
You can express yourself and your ideas freely, 
You can carry out development and improvement works,
Success is measurable and apparent, 
You can travel,
Transfer between the departments, companies/sectors is possible,
Competitive rewarding approach is dominant, 
Management concept protecting and looking after its employee is adopted, 
Open and reliable relations prevail. 

We review the applications and record them in our candidate database. If a position addressing your qualifications, experience and expectations is available, we contact with you. We share our final decision following our three-stage interviews, english test and personality test. 

Please send your detailed resume to


Ayferi Öz
Human Resources Manager

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