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2011-2013 Establishment of Briza Wind Power & The Taking Over of Kavaklı WPP License
Briza Wind, started development and assessment studies of the projects on the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources in 2011.In this respect after assessing many projects and opportunities in two years time period, it took over "Kavaklı RES" electricity production license and stepped into the energy sector in 2013.

2014-Completion of the investment and Start of the Operation period of Kavaklı
WPP Kavaklı WPP is located in the central district of Balıkesir province and was put into operation in August 2014 with installed capacity of 52,8 MW of 16 Vestas V112-3.3 MW wind turbine generators which have been the biggest scaled turbines of Turkey so far.Our company Briza Wind, the owner of the plant, is the sole Turkish company that managed to complete a Wind power plant of this scale in such short period of time.

Kavaklı WPP, aiming to generate clean and sustainable electricity by preventing approximately 100.000 tons of CO2 emission in a year, was constructed on an area covering 5 villages. Besides, the high capacity factor of the Turkey's largest installed wind turbine is 41%.

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