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Erciyas Holding / About Us

Erciyas Holding is an investment company operating in three major sectors (industry, energy and contracting), in more than 50 countries worldwide.

The companies in each sector are respectively, Erciyas Steel Pipe, Bimaş Bicycle Motorcycle, Briza Wind Power Generation, Erciyas Energy, Çelikler Contracting and Argaios Yachting.

Erciyas has been continually investing in the development of human and nature friendly production technologies.


Our History

– Ahmet K. Erciyas, graduated from Istanbul Technical University with a degree in MSc Metallurgical Engineering.

1972 – Ahmet K. Erciyas started to work in Mannesman – Sümerbank Pipe Ind. Co. as a Quality Control Engineer.

1978 – Kalibre Pipe Co. was founded by Ahmet K. Erciyas together with his 2 partners to produce cold drawn high precion pipes.

1980 – Ahmet K. Erciyas left Kalibre Pipe Co. and founded Sanmal Inc. with his new partner to start trading pipes and industrial equipments.

1989 – Erciyas Industries, mother company of all others, was established with 2 persons (Later will be named Erciyas Holding). 

1990 – Erciyas Steel Pipe was founded in İzmit for the purpose of enhancing its sales activities.

1994 – Erciyas Steel Pipe headquarters moved to İstanbul and export sales started.

1995 – Erciyas Foreign Trade Co. was founded with the aim of trading pipes as well as HRC.

1997 - Erciyas laid the foundation of its modern Düzce factory consisting of 2 production lines with a total capacity of 120.000 ton/annum.

1997 – Erciyas Steel Pipe was awarded the production of the line pipes of ISKI's (Istanbul Water Authority) Kagithane - Terkos Water Transmission Line Project. This project was its first major pipeline project.

1999 -  Erciyas Steel Pipe obtained API 5L and ISO 9001 certificates and began producing gas and oil pipes under the audit of Global Authorities.

2000 – Erciyas Steel Pipe produced the largest steel spiral pipe ODØ 3048 mm (120 inch) for the first time in the world for the Yeşilçay Project, which was one phase of the Greater İstanbul Water Supply Project.

2000 – Argaios Tourism and Yatching was founded to charter luxury yatch services to its esteemed clients.

2001 – Çelikler Boru, was founded by Kamil Emre Erciyas. 

2001 – Erciyas Steel Pipe entered into the Algerian Market, where it later became a major player in the Algerian pipe market.

2008 – Erciyas Steel Pipe Co. Increased its production capacity to 300.000 MTons/annum.

2008 – Erciyas Steel Pipe Co. was awarded the production of Tamanrasset- In Salah Drinking Water Project, the longest pipeline undertaken by a single manufacturer. The Project of 1400 km long, was one of the largest pipeline projects of the world.

2009 – Erciyas Steel Pipe Co. became Turkey’s 25th exporter and was selected to represent Turkey in European Business Awards. 

2009 – Produced HSAW steel pipe from API 5L X-80 quality steel coils, with a wall thickness of 21.6 mm as well as having the HRC material produced by the world steel producers for the first time- the raw material was specially produced for Erciyas through the help of the  Erciyas QA Team.

2010 – Erciyas Steel Pipe Co. succesfully completed Tamanrasset- In Salah Drinking Water Project which was the longest pipeline project as a single manufacturer undertook in the world.

2010 – Erciyas Steel Pipe Co. became one of the top 100 companies in Turkey.

2010 -  Erciyas Steel Pipe Co. became the 2nd fastest growing company in FORTUNE 500. (Source: İstanbul Chamber of Industry)

2011 - Erciyas Steel Pipe Co. increased its production capacity to 450.000 MTons/annum by adding new state of the machinery of its own design and became the pipeline factory with the largest production capacity (HSAW) under a single roof in the EMEA and NAFTA zones.

2011 – Produced 508mm (20’’) OD, with 25.4mm (1’’) w.t. HSAW steel pipe from API 5L X-60 quality steel coils- smallest (most difficult) diameter pipe with such heavy wall thickness, still the one and only manufacturer in the world able to perform this production.

2012 – Produced HSAW steel pipe from API 5L X-70, 25.5mm w.t. with an OD of 1422,4 mm (56’’)- the raw material specially, and for the first time in the world, produced for Erciyas, by the help of Erciyas Quality Assurance Team.

2013   Briza Wind was formed for investment purposes, and incorporated into Erciyas Holding and started making investments.

2013 – Erciyas Energy was established Erciyas Foreign Trade Co.

2013 – Briza Wind signed agreement and firm an order for sixteen Vestas, V112-3.3 MW turbines which were the largest wind turbins of Turkey at that time.

2014 – Briza Wind investment finalized and started production.

2014  As part of the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP), our consortium has signed the agreement for the supply of 540.000 meters of steel pipe in sizes Ø 1422 x 19,45 mm and Ø 1219 x 16,87 mm and with the quality of API 5L X-70 PSL 2.

2014  ECC Bimaş NV company was founded in the Netherlands with partnership between European Cycle Company BV and Bimaş Bicycle Motorcycle Co. with the aim of  having a voice in the European and Turkey city bike and electrical bike market.

2015 Partnered with Komet Energy that generates energy from natural gas through its’ combined cycle plant.

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