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Dear Colleagues and Co-workers,

When I started my career in 1972 as a young engineer at Mannesman-Sümerbank, steel pipe factory in İzmit, which was one of the leading industrial enterprises in Turkey, I never imagined that my first job would be the first step of a profession which incorporates my entire life and that we would become a holding by expanding our business segments.

I recall learning yet admiring technical details of pipe manufacturing entirely based on German technology and capital in the factory I worked at. As a developing country, Turkey's need of steel pipes were so apparent and I devoted all my efforts to my job during all those years not only to learn every technical detail of steel pipe production but also to analyze the sector structure and future in Turkey and all around the world.

The experience and my observations in the sector helped me to conclude that: three main fluids essential for human health and prosperity, namely water, natural gas and oil, can only be provided continually and efficiently through steel pipes. The need for steel pipes, which will help create prosperity, shall continuously increase in parallel to the ongoing development efforts of mankind.  As a rapidly developing country, Turkey’s, pipe production will inevitably be dominated by domestic capital and Turkish entrepreneurs.

This vision that I embraced at that time became major determining factor in my business life. However, regardless of how precise your vision and aim might be you start off with, being an idealist entrepreneur, especially in a sector challenged by foreign technology and capital, is not solely enough. As a consequence, I realized at first hand that this was not an easy process at all when I left Mannesman and tried to establish and expand my own business. This is the turning point  where a businessman should make a choice. If these enormous obstacles in your path had deterred you, right now you would have been making your living doing something else. If you confront these obstacles and commit to walking towards the vision and targets you set, this means you will be heading for another way of living.

I took the second option and chose more difficult path when a new era started in my life as I started up my own business in 1977. Looking back, despite all of the difficulties I endured, the pipe factory I founded in 1990, for producing large steel linepipes, has attained a manufacturing performance that of which is a source of pride for Turkey. With its growing technical and administrative staff, too, it has demonstrated great marketing performance both at home and abroad with its steel pipes, which required the highest of technical specifications. Erciyas Steel Pipe has become the permanent partner and pipe supplier of national and international large scale and prestigious pipe line projects. Without a doubt, our facility which has 450.000 tons/year pipe production capacity and nearly 400 highly qualified employees in Düzce is a world class production center. The journey which started at Mannesman with a focus on German consultancy and technology is an excellent example of transformation in Turkey as it combines domestic technology, capital and labor workforce in our Düzce facility.

Besides Erciyas Steel Pipe company, we focused on wind power and solar energy investments by establishing Briza Wind and Erciyas Energy Companies since we are aware that our world’s and children’s future lies within sustainable and renewable energy; we partnered with Komet Energy which generates energy from natural gas through combined cycle. We aimed at foreign markets as well as domestic with Bimaş Bicycle Motorcycle for a green and more habitable world.

In 2015 that we celebrate our 25th year, Erciyas Holding has become an investment Holding that operates in three main sector (industry, energy, contracting) and in over 50 countries all around the world. 

Dear Friends, 

I pride myself on always achieving the though jobs and leading a globally ground- breaking team in the subsequent years and I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all my contributing staff and customers. I believe that we will overcome the future hardships with the same solidarity and commitment, just like  how we reached this point despite the difficulties we endured.

The vision I embraced in 1972 still stands: As humanity continues its development, there is going to be an ongoing need for energy. We will go on to be the best and most reliable with our products and services while respecting the society and the environment by enriching the lives of community that we belong to.Then, "Go on carrying life… Full Speed Ahead"…

Ahmet Kamil ERCİYAS
Erciyas Holding
Founder and Chairman 

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