Erciyas Holding / Message from CEO

When Erciyas Steel Pipe was established in 1990 in Izmit, our goal was to conduct business with integrity. This integrity concept helped us to achieve our current capacity of producing 450.000 mtons of world class and premium quality steel pipe. We moved forward with visionary industrialists who consider our staff and quality product as an element of investment.

We began to speak of and follow up concepts such as Benchmarking, Productivity,Job Excellance and Innovative and creative thinking in all our operational activities more than ever. We carried out with our plans and made investments despite the highly stagnation.

We placed greater importance on institutionalization, personal development programs and cost oriented business approach within the context of “Employee developes so the company developes”. We updated all our processes in a dynamic structure in order to meet customer demands changing in parallel to the ever changing international standards and we transformed unsolvable processes into solvable problems. We did not just rely on our existing leading performance on the sector but aimed at assuring that Erciyas Steel Pipe moves one step ahead of others in terms of technical equipment and production.

We sustained our ongoing growth on new markets, new geographies; we combined our experiences and power with new strategic business partnerships. We took part in Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP) which is the longest pipe line project of Turkey so far and we have become a preferred brand for numerous international large scale projects.

By Briza Wind, we completed the Wind Power Plant, which has the largest turbines in Turkey, at an exemplary pace projects for the sector. By Erciyas Energy we implemented on energy and energy efficiency projects. We partnered with Komet Energy that generates energy from natural gas thrugh combined cycle plant. Bimaş Bicycle Motorcycle started manufacturing city bikes and electrical bikes often used in the Northern European countries and we expanded to international markets.

We became a holding by expanding our business segments. We will be in need of contributions of our qualified personnel more than ever so that we can overcome the problems we might encounter in this diverse environment. Being more passionate, eager to learn, more courageous and challenging our conditions have been and will be the most distinctive signs of determination in the path of achieving our goals.

I would like to thank all my teammates for their constructive efforts and the succes we attained so far, I convey my best wishes.

Teoman DOĞAN
Erciyas Holding

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