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1996    Bimaş Inc. was established
Bimaş Bicycle Motorcycle Industry and Trade Inc. was founded by Necip Yıldızili and entrepreneurs. The company was opened in Bornova, İzmir and started to provide services for the Turkish Bicycle sub-industry.  

1999    KOSBİ factory was founded and Bimaş Brand was born 
Integrated factory was built at the Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone in Izmir for manufacturing bikes instead of sub- industry products. 48.500 pieces of bikes were produced under Bimaş Brand. 

2000    Erciyas Steel Pipe Co. partnership
Partnership was founded under commercial and industrial expertise leadership of Ahmet Kamil Erciyas. Domestic and Foreign sales activities were intensified. 

2001    Established the Domestic Sales Network and Started Export 
Nationwide dealer network was developed and sales to National Chain Stores particularly to Tesco/Kipa have started. OEM production and export was realized to Switzerland.

2008    BİSED was founded 
As a founding member of the Bicycle Industry Association (BISED), contribution was made for the development of the industry with respect to the European Union Standards by cooperating with local and public organizations. 

2011    İZKA cooperation
Expansion works for foreign markets started in cooperation with İzmir Development Agency. 

2012    Entrance to EU with ECC
Contracts were concluded with Europe Cycle Company (ECC) BV which was established in the Netherlands. Started producing Dutch bikes for ECC with their own brands that are known in Europe

2014    ECC BIMAŞ NV was founded 
ECC Bimaş NV company was founded in the Netherlands with partnership between Europe Cycle Company BV and Bimaş Bicycle Motorcycle, Inc.. Having a voice in the European and the Turkish city bike and e-bike markets was aimed. 

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