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We manage all our activities while guaranteeing the health and safety of our employees  and minimizing any possible negative effects on the environment.


Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policy;

1. To comply with current national and international requirements on Environment and Occupational Health and Safety and respective party requirements that we are liable to follow,

2. To prevent formation of any hazardous working environments which may cause accidents or illnesses, and to eliminate any existing hazardous environments,

3. For the purposes of preventing environmental pollution, to ensure that wastes are reduced at source, sorted for maximum recycling and/or re-use, and unpreventable wastes are eliminated in manner that is not harmful to the nature,

4. To take necessary measures in order to identify and minimize the environmental impacts and occupational health & safety risks related to our routine activities, new investments, and projects,

5. To raise the environmental and OHS awareness of all of our stakeholders, primarily our employees and suppliers, and take their expectations into consideration,

6. To utilize the energy and natural resources at an optimum level,

7. To reduce the emergency risks and to be prepared for emergencies,

8. To comply with ISO 14001 Environment and OHSAS 18001 OHS Management System requirements, measure their effectiveness, and continuously improve performances.

Erciyas Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. to will review Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Policy periodically to ensure compliance with changing conditions, will announce policy employees and stakeholders, will remain open policy for the entire community.

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