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Quality department of Erciyas, working entirely independent of the production, is equipped with highly qualified personnel and state of the art technology Erciyas carries out all kinds of destructive and non-destructive tests in its own laboratories, and having invested in its quality, Erciyas offers its pipes to users with full confidence. 

Erciyas performs tests vital for natural gas pipes such as DWTT, Charpy, hardness, etc. and, continues to produce without sacrificing from its quality. 

Erciyas is certified in terms of international quality with certifications such as ISO 9001, API 5L, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, CE, API QR, ISO 29001, EN 10208-2, ISO 3183, EN 10002 

Destructive Tests 

  Tensile test 
  Guided bend test
  Charpy impact test 
  Hardness test
  DWTT-drop weight tear test
  Chemical analysis
  HIC (hydrogen induced cracking) test*
  SSC (sulphur stress cracking) test*
  CTOD test

Non-Destructive Tests 

  Metallographic inspection
  Automatic Strip Lamination UT Control
  Automatic on-line ultrasonic inspection
  First inspection
  Hydrostatic inspection
  Radioscopic inspection
  Off-line ultrasonic inspection
  Manual ultrasonic inspection
  Magnetic particle inspection
  Liquid penetrant inspection
  Dimensional inspection 

Coating and Lining control 

  Glass transition temperature test (DSC - Differential Scanning Calorimeter)
  Cathodic disbonding test
  Indentation hardness test
  PE/PP adhesion test
  PE/PP elongation test
  Holiday test
    o Low-voltage Wet Sponge test
    o High-voltage spark test

  Wet & Dry Film Thickness test
  Epoxy adhesion test
  Roughness and Glossy Meter control

* These tests are provided by the steel manufacturers.

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