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''Everything we do today is for our children. After we are gone, what we have built today will be inherited by the next generations. The best way to secure the future of the next generations is to invest generously in the education of our children.'' 

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Erciyas Holding is an organization that has adopted the Social Responsibility ethics. In this respect, we believe that we will become a good “Corporate Citizen” in proportion to the rate of fulfilling its duties and responsibilities towards the community by internalizing the concept of “Corporate Citizenship”. 

Corporate Social Responsibility projects aim to design and implement solutions intended for a social need in line with a specific budget and time schedule for pre-determined goals and objectives. The following aspects are sought in determining the Corporate Social Responsibility projects:

•    Compliance with social facts and needs,
•    Compliance with company principles and values,
•    Practicability,
•    Sustainability,
•    Extendibility,
•    Stakeholder participation, (whenever necessary)
•    Measurability,
•    Prioritizing the region in which the project is implemented.


•    Hakime Erciyas School of Foreign Languages 

o    “Hakime Erciyas School of Foreign Languages” is one of the contributions we made to the newly established Düzce University. We aim to provide resources in learning various languages intended for new generations seeking a successful career in international trade. 
o    The school is officially established with the Cabinet of Ministers Decision dated 22nd August 2010, and started 2012-2013 academic year on 5th September 2012 with 631 students in its new building located in University’s Konuralp Campus.

o    Düzce University Hakime Erciyas School of Foreign Languages offers University’s foreign language programs, administers foreign language proficiency exams intended for various purposes, and provides English training in Preparatory Class and Mandatory Foreign Language courses as a part of National Qualifications Framework. 

o    We collaborate and form integrated partnerships with well-known academic scholars in order to pioneer the innovative programs of Hakime Erciyas School of Foreign Languages at Düzce.

•    Hakime-Ahmet Kamil Erciyas Student Village

o    Student village is inaugurated by 11th President of the Republic Mr. Abdullah Gül on 23rd May 2015 in Abdullah Gül University (AGÜ) Sümer Campus.

o    Built on 36 thousand square meter land consisting of 16 buildings providing accommodation for 264 students, the student village is a rare initiative in Turkey. It is a modern and contemporary living settlement.

•    Beyköy-Balıkesir Improvement of Life Quality

o    The problems identified in Beyköy-Balıkesir where the Briza Wind Farm is located in 2013 during the commencement of the facility’s construction are remedied in 2014 as a part of this project. 

o    Project Scope: Solution for the water problem of the village with insufficient water network – Water Fountain Construction, replacement of old water pipes, water tank construction, water-well drilling, construction of 4 watering troughs/fountains

o    Project Scope: Awarding scholarships using the income generated by preventing carbon emissions primarily for the successful students in the region, and subsequently developing social responsibility projects in the region. 

o    The supply of water has significantly increased the quality of life and hygiene level of the local community.

o    A noticeable increase in the number of animals has been accomplished. Harvests increased, and it is anticipated to make a positive contribution to the village’s ever decreasing population. 

o    Joint access roads passing through the site are constructed together with the water-well project. Access road rehabilitations are also performed in other surrounding villages. 

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