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The official opening of ‘Hakime - Ahmet Kamil Erciyas Öğrenci Köyü’ has taken place with the participation of President Abdullah Gül on Saturday 23th of May in the University Of Abdullah Gül (AGÜ), Campus Sümer. During the opening ceremony of the Student village, which is built with the contributions of AGÜ Foundation members Hakime and Ahmet Kamil Erciyas, Abdullah Gül has emphasized the significance of the investments on education.

Abdullah Gül : ‘Entrepreneurs and businessmen as volunteers, are not only supporting AGÜ but the also the other universities and the donations for social responsibility projects. The given support to the Foundation has always been a great reason to be thankful on behalf of mine. Also this Student Village has been an important gain for both Kayseri and the University. I always appreciate Mr. Ahmet KamiL Erciyas and Mrs. Hakime Erciyas for their role in this gain. ‘

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